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The given facts — only small part of enormous number of the share indicators existing on a world of securities market. Besides summary and composite, there is a mass of specialized indicators thanks to which modern intermediaries operate world investment process.

Any share index shows that in it developers by definition of selection of components and a method of calculation put it. As a rule, than selection is broader, the index is closer to those to the indicator of state of the economy or separate branch. More and tactical indicator the share index becomes at association of components not on a branch sign, and by criterion of capitalization of the company, i.e. total market value of all actions which are in circulation.

The list of issuers which actions are included in calculation of an index, ­ coincides with the list of issuers on whom in RTS expose firm bilateral quotations according to solutions of PAUFOR. The decision of the PAUFOR Trade committee on extension of the list of issuers, on the firm bilateral quotations are exposed, is coordinated with Index committee;

or the firm is not on basic indicators of activity for this branch any more, or the share of the branch in economy already changed the weight. There can be also other reasons, including, for example in case of the publication of an insufficient financial.

Selection revision. Committees on indexes regularly reconsider its structure. The companies which actions are included in an index, can be excluded from calculation over time. It occurs for various reasons:

The index for the current n-date pays off as the relation of total market capitalization of the issuers included in the list for calculation of an index to total market capitalization of the same issuers for the previous date.