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above. Avalanches fall also if under certain conditions communication between snow layers sharply weakens. So happens when on dense, packed snow drops out a lot of new, friable. For this reason the two first day after plentiful snowfall are especially avalanche. There are avalanches and because of sharp warming in mountains. During this period the friction between the soil and the rehumidified snow layer lying on it decreases, and the "wet" avalanche slips downhill.

intensive frosty aeration, low temperatures, strong winds slopes of ridges are almost deprived of vegetation, covered with stone scatterings - kuruma among which only low low shrubs, herbs, mosses and lichens grow here and there.

It is heavy to go on a crude fir-tree and fir taiga in the summer: everywhere the windbreak, a way constantly block huge, vyvorochenny a wind of a fir-tree and fir, feet stick in a damp moss, quite often under feet the bog champs, many trees dried up on a root. In a taiga it is gloomy, stuffy, the moss - on the earth, on dead wood, on trunks and branches of trees smells as decay and dampness, everywhere. Branches and shreds of a gray-green moss which are hanging down from them cling for

On an Asian slope in a subalpine belt more xerophilous vegetable groups, than on European are developed, and vysokotravny lawns meet as an exception where the cast snezhnik zaslezhivatsya. With increase in height the Alpine meadows and shrubby thickets from a polar birch, a Labrador tea and blueberry give way to drier, than on the western slope, to the lichen and moss tundra and stone scatterings.

subalpine and Alpine meadows with herbs and flowers in human height, the severe mountain and Arctic tundra. Change of vegetable belts is well traced both on western, and on east slopes of the Subpolar Urals. The wood rises to mountains on average up to the height of 450-650 m above sea level, and on valleys of the rivers is even higher (to 750 m). On the European slope wood border on 100-150 m, and places and up to 250 m below, than on Asian that speaks in colder and crude summer to