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Objects of knowledge – fancies of the phenomena of reality, - as a rule, are studied by many sciences. Most it is obvious, so far as concerns Earth in general and about a complex of external covers of the planet. In this regard between sciences there is peculiar "division of labour": each of them studies a certain structure of the relations in object or in connection with it – interrelation defined a component, processes, etc. On this basis the fancy of the studied part of reality – an object of science is also formed.

Regional problems, traditional for geography, at system approach to them also find new points of growth. The spatial analysis of geosystems looks for the methods accepted for the solution of the ripened tasks. Certain results are received at regional interpretation of researches on the method of a complex ordination urged to systematize communications between components of geosystem on a static basis. Creation of factorial and any dynamic ranks is also effective receptions of the spatial analysis. The last concludes in addition data on the device of certain regions and their various combinations.

Classification of its divisions is especially essential to knowledge of the landscape sphere. Now it is based on morphological and functional indicators, and also division of geosystems on radical, derivatives and their any variable states. The largest that is introduced in a problem of landscape classification lately, is an idea of an invariant of geosystems.

The natural and technical geosystem is an option ( integrated geosystem in which to the forefront there is an interaction of the nature and equipment. Natural and technical geosystem – a complex of the technical systems and natural geosystems united in interests of performance of a uniform social and economic task. Are understood as natural and technical geosystems not only such geosystems in which technical devices act as a direct element of system (as, for example, in technical systems), but also such which activity substantially is defined by the artificial conditions created as a result of use of these or those technical means (for example, agricultural, silvicultural, nature protection)

Thus, the object and an object of science are interconnected. However for them also one more property is characteristic: in process of development of knowledge, a specification of initial representations, the content of idea of object and a subject changes. At different stages of knowledge the same science even at the studied phenomenon rather steady actually has different ideas of object and a subject.

The geosystem natural is a site of a terrestrial surface where separate components of the nature are in close interrelation with each other and which as whole interacts with the next sites, the space sphere and human society. Natural geosystems can have various sizes.

The role of knowledge of a structure, dynamics and evolution of natural objects, about emergence in them various natural processes and the phenomena in practical activities on environmental protection and rational use of natural resources is immeasurably great.

From positions of system approach objective reality - the Wednesday surrounding the person - is considered as system. In relation to objects of the terrestrial nature we speak about geographical systems - geosystems. The word it consists of two parts "geographical" and "system". The concept used as patrimonial "system" means "set of the objects which are in the relations and communications among themselves and forming a certain integrity, unity". The specific concept "geographical" designates belonging to Earth, existence of territorial orderliness. Distinguish the geosystems consisting only nature elements - natural geosystems; and consisting of elements of the nature, the population and economy - integrated geosystems.